Pubcon 2009 coverage wrap up across the interweb

I didn’t make Pubcon 2009 this year and if you didn’t either here are just a few of the blogs and websites that covered enough to make you think you were there. Of course you can’t recreate the party atmosphere but you can read and get jealous.

Pubcon 2009 Coverage
Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media covers much of Pubcon 2009 on their blog. My favorite was her post on In-House SEO. “Chris is wearing his The Lisa shirt and it’s super sexy.” I have a The Lisa shirt and have worn it but never had her say I was super sexy. Damn you Chris Hooley.

Rebecca Kelley of 10e20 covered a few sessions at Pubcon including PR and Brand Management. Perhaps she was too busy practicing her dance moves to cover too many sessions.

Barry Schwartz and Search Engine Roundtable has been covering Pubcon for 6 years and has posts on 40 sessions at Pubcon 2009. The standout for me is the The Top 50 Best Website Ideas We’ve Ever Seen.

Rand Fishkin at SEOmoz blogs about “New & Interesting Insights Into Google Rankings & Spam from Pubcon”. Rand gives a shout out to Barry Schwartz, “The session was well covered on Twitter, and in live form by Barry Schwartz at SERoundtable.”

Lee Odden and TopRank don’t have near their usual coverage but Adam Singer weighs in with excellent rundown on PubCon 2009: How Major Vegas Hotels Are Using Social Media.”

Vertical Measures
covers all three days of Pubcon 2009 on their blog. Nice summary of SEO at Pubcon with their article Pubcon 2009 Top 50 SEO Tips So Far

NVI Solutions covers some of the sessions on their blog including Social Media & Press Relations.

Not full Pubcon coverage but a nice post from Managing Greatness called Best of Pubcon 2009

3 thoughts on “Pubcon 2009 coverage wrap up across the interweb

  1. Gil, thanks for the post. I always like those type of posts compared to the actual coverage, not that that wasn’t coverage, oh well you get the idea. Keep up the good work!

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