David Temple according to Cuil, not so cool

I just blogged about who Google thinks David Temple is and I can tell you it is not very pretty. In particular the top results are about a wife killer. This blog did make it in at number 3 out of 713,000 results so I can’t complain too much. It even beat out davidtemple.com.

Well I’ve been reading a lot about this new search engine, Cuil (pronounced cool I guess but no way I would have figured that out). It is being heralded as a Google killer, quite an impressive statement. Well here are the results for David Temple. Oh my!

As you can see the first result on the left, 試聴: Charlotte Kinder/Crouch End Festival …, is certainly not me but the conductor David Temple that was found in the top results on Google. Interesting Japanese in the results too, I’ve never seen that. But lo and behold, that’s my mug on the result. Oh well, FAIL.

On the right is also a result from the same website and yep that’s me again. This time with my ‘thelisa’ tshirt and my fat cat. Again, FAIL. 2nd result on the left and hey, Cuil got my LinkedIn profile, now that’s cool. I like the car pic but not mine, never seen it. And in the second row on the right, MyBlogLog. Yes but there’s no picture FAIL. Finally on the right another result for the conductor. So really I have 2 pics and 2 results in the top 5 so I guess I’m Cuil!

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5 thoughts on “David Temple according to Cuil, not so cool

  1. David, I am a polite woman :-) Being the mom of a young child I kind of felt bad using the word “sucks” :-), but there was no other way to say it. Thanks for including my link. Glad to know I am not the only one that did not enjoy the “cuil” experience…

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  3. @Melissa, lol, too bad Cuil made you lose your cool.

    Thanks Utah SEO, please drop by anytime.

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