Chris Winfield scores a hat trick; twittering, blogging and presenting

Want to learn about Twitter? How about some blogging tips? Need some ideas on how to present at your next conference? Well, then head over to the blog post by Chris Winfield at and you’ll learn about all of these.

The Twitter: Ultimate Time Waster or Great Tool? post is what I described in the comments as the Best.Post.Ever! Why? Well not only is it an excellent post about Twitter and I’ve read dozens of them believe me, Chris managed to do in real time what few would ever attempt in order to engage the audience. He actually used Twitter to present in the session about twitter at Search Engine Strategies conference in Toronto. Here’s what Chris wrote about his post on the 10e20 blog;

Yesterday I presented at SES Toronto along with Lee Odden and Dave Snyder on a panel called ‘Twitter: Ultimate Time Waster, or Great Tool?’ I figured that in order to show how Twitter actually works – it would be best to use Twitter to do it. Here’s the results of the experiment and an extended version of my presentation. Also if you’re on Twitter and would like to follow me – here’s my profile:

When it comes to blogging I can only count on my fingers the number of posts that I’ve read that have been so engaging. Unfortunately none of them have come from yours truly but I read search marketing blogs like kids read comic books. (Okay so I read comic books too ;).

The difference here, the best post ever comment difference, is that Chris hit all my buttons when it comes to reading a blog post. I read blogs to learn something new, discover something interesting, hear things from a different point of view (these came from a variety of twitters) and mostly, to be entertained. Well done Chris, keep ‘em coming.
By the way you can follow me on twitter at

Chris thanks all the people that participated;
graywolf, JenniferLaycock, LLCobb, jenstar, oilman, rabeidoh, tonyadam, stuntdubl, zaknicola, lyndseo, jonkelly, jdevalk, eddings, meshugavi, DavidWallace, martinbowling, JeremyLuebke, audrajackson, joegerstandt, zaknicola, seanmaguire, chiropractic, doshdosh, longhornkate, TheMadHat, benrabicoff, SexySEO, ciaranj, lynnterry, Marifer, toddmintz, StuartL, LaurenV, dotrage, kid_disco, aviw, adriansoare, wilreynolds, BrentCsutoras, Frozen2Late, gar8, pratt, AmberCadabra, mwilton13, stephenparker, genemccubbin, khawe, footinmouth, DesireeSanchez, ColinCochrane, TheOtherJeff, gsicotte, averre, audette, Blakovitch, talespinner, tamera, kelly_gaia, MichelleRobbins, SearchBuzz, jonathanfields, markus941, SearchBuzz, travishines, saadkamal, dhudiburg, SearchStudent, yojspew, portentint, lisarokusek, TwisterMc, baldeagle, charlyjl, onstartups, kimbercook. If you’re looking for folks to follow on Twitter this would be a good starting point as each of these people are what make Twitter should an effective (and fun) tool.

2 thoughts on “Chris Winfield scores a hat trick; twittering, blogging and presenting

  1. No need to thank me, thank you. I’m not the only one that was impressed. Here’s a couple of plurk comments.

    vangogh says ingenious presentation and post by Chris

    vinceblackham says that WAS great post…chris is amazing

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