SEO contest gives to charities, thanks to Bruce Clay

I hate SEO contests. Maybe it’s because I’ve been to busy working on my clients sites to have time to participate or maybe I know I couldn’t win one, although I did enter Marketing Pilgrims’ Search Engine Marketing Scholarship Contest a few years back with my article Shhhh!…..the dirty little secret about seo certfication. I didn’t win (I told you) but it did help me get a little exposure in the world of seo. Still any winner or loser in my case, is soon forgotten and we all move on.

But this is different, just look at the name of this contest. The SEO Charity Contest, now that sounds like a contest that means something. This was the second year that Bruce Clay, Inc. put this contest on. Here’s how it starts,

For the next two weeks, we’re inviting search engine marketers to contact a non-profit organization that you’re passionate about and whose Web site you feel could benefit from an organic search engine optimization campaign.

Last year’s winner was Keri Morgret who helped the Open Education Resource. This year there were so many great entries that they decided to award three tiers of prizes. Good on you people of BC! And the winners are……everybody that participated in my opinion.

One thought on “SEO contest gives to charities, thanks to Bruce Clay

  1. David – this is a good twist on the standard contest. I’m glad you’re giving it play.

    It reminds me a little of Berkshire Hathaway’s charitable donations. They allow (or used to?) their employees to designate any charity of their choice to receive a donation. That way the corporation doesn’t specifically choose any charities that could open it up to political attack. Yet they still are able to support a wide number of worthy causes.

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