Internet Marketing Ninjas unleash the power

With all the sem training courses and programs as well as sem conferences you would think that the market is saturated and there’s no room for growth. But one of the reasons I blog about sem training is because of the fresh content and information that comes out about search engine marketing. The newest in the sem training field comes from Jim Boykin and his team of Internet Marketing Ninjas and 15 hours of video.

Jim, Aaron Wall, Andy Beal, Bill Slawski, Jim Gilbert, Cameron Olthuis, Neil Patel, Shoemoney, Jill Whalen, Christine Churchill, Lee Odeen, and Todd Malicoat are unveiled as the Internet Marketing Ninjas. Now that’s a powerful Internet marketing group and they each talk about their fields of interest including SEO, PPC, social media, affiliate marketing, and more. One year access to Internet Marketing Ninjas is $2,995. Membership includes updated videos and many of the We Build Pages Tools. On Jim’s blog he says;

We’re also planning on adding a bunch of new video during 2008 by other influential internet marketing minds (we’ve already got 10 out of the top 40 most influential SEO’s in search). We’re also working on saving tool reports in each person’s control panel, as well as adding other cool features to the program, as well as we’ve got some more tools in the pipeline.

You can read what is probably the first interview with Jim Boykin about the Internet Marketing Ninjas with Shaun Anderson at the Hobo blog and Jim Boykin’s interview with Lee Odden from the Online Marketing Blog for extra insight. And here’s some snippets from the website of the talented group of individuals now and forever to be known as the Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Jim Boykin, CEO of We Build Pages, has been involved in Internet marketing since 1999, When he began the company as a sole proprietorship. Since then, it has expanded into one of the top Internet marketing agencies in the industry, running successful linkbuilding campaigns for clients in a wide variety of industries. In these videos you’ll learn about link building.

Aaron Wall is the author of SEO Book, the Bible of the search marketing industry. Aaron is the former owner of Threadwatch as well as a frequent conference speaker and SEO tool creator. He blogs at In these videos, Aaron talks with Jim about SEO, link building, linkbaiting, SEO Tools, and more.

Andy Beal,of Marketing Pilgrim, has been featured in many publications and media outlets, including NPR, CNBC, Business Week, and the Wall Street Journal. In these videos, Andy talks about keyword research for Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Bill Slawski (SEO by the Sea) has been involved in search engine optimization since the mid-1990’s. Bill is one of the founders of the Cre8asite Forums and is a correspondent for Search Engine Land. He specializes in search engine algorithms and patents, which he discusse in these videos.

Christine Churchill, president of KeyRelevance, has been involved in the Internet marketing Industry for over 10 years. Christine is a regular speaker at industry conferences and a recognized expert in PPC campaigns and web usability. In these videos, Christine talks about tips and tricks for pay-per-click Gold.

Cameron Olthuis is an independent search marketing consultant who specializes in social media marketing, usability, reputation management, and community building. Cameron is a frequent speaker at industry events. In these videos, you’ll learn about social media marketing.

Jim Gilbert is Vice President of KeyRelevance and a Google Certified PPC Professional. With a background in statistics and math, Jim has conducted many analytical research studies of pay-per-click campaigns. Jim’s presentation for these videos is titled “I want the Truth! PPC Marketing.”

Jeremy Schoemaker (better known as ShoeMoney after his popular blog) is an expert at the art of monetizing websites. Jeremy has been involved in creating websites and SEO strategies since the mid-1990’s. He talks about how he got his first big check and how to monetize websites. In these videos you’ll learn about direct advertising, affiliate marketing, arbitrage, pricing strategies, subscription revenue, Google Analytics, AdSense, tracking clicks, and more.

Jill Whalen, founder and CEO of High Rankings, has been involved in Internet marketing since the early ’90’s. Jill hosts the High Rankings Advisor newsletter and is the author of “The Nitty-Gritty of Writing for Search Engines.” Jill’s topic for these videos is “SEO Myths and Scams”.

Lee Odden is President of TopRank Online Marketing, one of the leading search marketing agencies. Lee has developed successful marketing strategies for hundreds of companies, specializing in SEO, online public relations, and blog marketing. Lee provides tips on blogging, social media marketing, and networks of distribution.

Neil Patel, author of the Pronet Advertising blog, is one of the sharpest social media minds in the industry. Neil has implemented successful strategies for a wide variety of social media venues. Neil’s presentation is called “Leveraging Digg and StumbleUpon”.

Todd Malicoat, better known as Stuntdubl, has been creating websites since 1997 and began doing SEO and Internet marketing in 2001. Todd has been involved in all aspects of Internet marketing, including traffic acquisition, affiliate marketing, and pay-per-click management. In Todd’s videos he covers link building, link values, social media marketing, SEO tools, and more.

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  2. Boris, thanks for the comment. I guess it’s all relative. I don’t endorse any sem training since this blog tries to remain neutral but one thing is certain, this is a pretty impressive lineup. 3k is a lot of money so I’d sure want to learn something new. Will have to wait and see what reviews it gets.

  3. I’ve been searching for a while for information on internet marketing and I have come across quite a few different groups dedicated to the topic. Though the inforamtion on this blog doen’t exactly match my research criteria, it contains better information than I’ve found anywhere else.

    Also, my husband just forwarded me a site that’s giving away $500 in PPC coupons!
    They are pitching a membership site that seems interesting but the cool part is that $500 in PPC coupons that they are giving you just for showing up – I can’t believe they are actually giving it away!

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    I have discovered this online community truly interesting. I have read the whole internet site and I realize its extremely educational. I do hope you guys response my upcoming issues problems.

    Please be nice to me! Cheers!

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