SEM training galore at Search Engine Strategies & Pubcon

There’s a lot of sem training going on this week at both Search Engine Strategies in Chicago and WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon in Las Vegas. Okay if I was in the States I’d probably be in Vegas since I lived in Minnesota and would want to escape the cold. SEOmoz is also putting on their Search Spam card game in Vegas and I’d love to get in on that. Am I on a card? (24 cards with caricatures of many favorite SEO personalities) I don’t know but it’s happening as I write this so if someone went to the game and reads this, please let me know.

In the meantime thanks to some very hard working people I can get all the latest info from these two conferences right on my desktop. Here’s some coverage of the events as they happen. Reading these you’ll feel like you’re right there. Well almost, at least you won’t have a hangover. If you are there, have fun and if you’re not, read on.

Coverage of both events is provided by a trio from Top Rank on the Online Marketing Blog. Lee’s handling the chores from Vegas and the lovely Jolina and Mike (no I’m not calling Mike lovely) are bringing it from Chicago. Nice pics by the way Jolina.

As always Barry Schwartz and the gang at Search Engine Roundtable provide some great coverage. Barry is on a Search Spam card by the way.

My Chicago native buddy David Dalka is providing his take of events at SES including a look at Danny Sullivan’s socks.

‘The Lisa’ probably whined about the cold weather in Chicago and so her and Susan are providing reports from the warmer climes of Vegas (Susan made me say that) for ‘The Lisa Blog’ Bruce Clay Blog. This is some great coverage by the way and my favorite so far. (Lisa made me say that).

Last and certainly not least (I’m sure I’ve missed other coverage) the merry band that hails from SEOmoz are adding to the mix with their Pubcon coverage. Of course I’m looking forward to the Search Spam card game report most of all.

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