SMX Advanced is underway, learn more from these folks

Danny Sullivan’s new conference SMX Advanced which bills itself as “SMX Advanced is for the experienced search marketer who wants to enjoy sessions conducted at a high-level and continue to stay ahead in the fast changing world of search”, has started today and you can learn more from thanks to these hard working folks. Thank goodness cause I can’t be there but I’m sure I’ll hear all about it from my friends and colleagues Julie Vansmersbergen and Christy Arneson Jones. But since I can’t wait until they get back I’m following the events from here via;

Matt McGee, a guy who seems to be everywhere, has already started his coverage at his Small Business SEM blog with the first accounts of the MSN party and some early pics.

Karl Ribas also posted about the early events along with pics and notes about who he met. Apparently he has never met Matt before.

Lisa ‘the lisa’ Barone as always will be sharing her thoughts and this time she’s dragged her boss and blogger conscience, Susan Esparza, along to help out with posts on Bruce Clay’s blog. What’s that gonna cost Lisa?

SEO Roundtable – As always extensive coverage will be provided by Barry Schwartz. Carolyn Shelby among others will give you blow by blow accounts of the sessions they attend.

And last, but certainly not least, the Mozzers from SEOmoz will bring you plenty of coverage from their home town. Best of all will be Rebecca Kelley’s cartoon, minus yours truly.

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