SEM Scholarship contest, step it up!

This year’s Marketing Pilgrim’s SEM Scholarship contest is up and running. The articles were posted today and I recommend you read them. There are some real nuggets in the group, I won’t say which I prefer since I don’t want to sway the judges (like that will happen).

When I entered the original contest a couple of year’s ago with my article “Shhhh!….the dirty little secret about sem seo certification” I didn’t expect the topic to still be debated today. In fact I didn’t really expect much other than to just state my opinion about seo training. However the truth is entering that contest was the best thing I could have done. It provided me much more exposure to the people in the seo world in particular the sem scholarship judges as well as Andy Beal and the other contestants. Although I didn’t win I recieved a lot of encouragement in particular from my now good friend, Kim Krause Berg, the first seo rock star to link to this blog.

A lot has happened in my seo career since that time including speaking at industry events like ad:tech, Search Marketing Expo, Search Engine Strategies and of course finding my current job. I certainly can’t put it all down to entering the contest but it sure did provide me the impetus to “step it up”.

So I encourage you to read all of this year’s entries, comment and encourage the participants to “step it up” in the world of search.

6 thoughts on “SEM Scholarship contest, step it up!

  1. This is really heartening for me to read David as I took the plunge and submitted an article for consideration this year. I have been chewing my fingernails since I did, nervous about whether it was the right thing to do as I don’t consider myself an “expert”, just someone who thinks about making things easier.

    I hope you liked my post One Egg One, Hundred Baskets: Social Media Leverage!

  2. Thanks for coming by Allison and best wishes in the contest. “Experts” are few and far between and I’d say you did a great job. I also admire you on a deeper level in particular for your strength and courage. Keep on stepping it up!

  3. I was explaining to someone yesterday how I can feel which newcomers have a certain “light” on, and will not only do well, but blaze new trails. You had the light when I first read you, as you do now in your career path :)

    Your friend, Kim

  4. David, thanks for leaving a comment on the post for me! I really appreciate it. This is the first time I have ever done something like this and I have indeed already won with all the exposure and friends I have met in the SEO space from the competition. I would love to win the whole thing but am thankful to just be accepted into the competition in the first place. The competition coresponds with my first SEO job that I just started which is cool.

    Thanks again!

    ps. My work sent me to ad:tech, which day did you speak on? And what session was it?

  5. Mike,
    I think you’ve done a great job answering comments and reaching out to those in the seo world. Congrats on your first SEO job, I’m sure you’ll do great. I’ll be speaking at adtech on the seo session and also a search marketing session at the lateral conference for SME’s.

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