SEMPO Institute’s Dean interviewed on Online Marketing Blog

I’ve written a lot about SEMPO Institute and their sem training courses, SEMPO’s one year anniversary, the original launch and wrote an article for a Marketing Pilgrim contest about sem training. I even had Ward Tongen question SEMPO about training several years ago. Maybe they even got the idea from me ;)

I’ve have always wanted to interview Terry Plank the Dean of SEMPO Institute but never got around to it. Thanks to Lee Odden at the Online Marketing Blog for taking the time to interview Terry and save me the trouble. Here’s just one of the excellent questions Lee asked and Terry’s answer. Head over and read the entire interview.

As a $10 billion + industry, you’d think there would be more SEM courses offered at universities. Do you think that will change and if so, how fast and in what way?

It may take another five years for such courses to become commonplace but the changes will occur. I think we will see search marketing taught as a subset of other courses first, then established as a full course, and finally multiple offerings in various aspects of search such as SEO, PPC, and mobile search.

SEMPO Institute’s Fundamentals of Search Marketing was used as a required resource in one college for a search marketing course this Fall and will be required at another this Spring for an eCommerce course. College and universities have not been the main focus in our business development but we are excited to work with them and welcome working with others.

The fact that one school, Fanshawe College in Canada, actually has a course entitled Search Marketing and used Fundamentals of Search Marketing is very exciting. I believe we will see more and more schools establishing such courses whether part of their marketing curriculum, advertising curriculum, IT curriculum, or other curriculum.

4 thoughts on “SEMPO Institute’s Dean interviewed on Online Marketing Blog

  1. I just don’t see the value for myself… with so much good free info why do we need the SEMPRO’s of the world? Does taking their classes really make the ROI worth it?

  2. Thanks for dropping by geri. I do wonder about the ROI but I also think different people learn different ways. Sometimes you pay for what you get and the free info out there sometemes is just wrong.

  3. I don’t think SEM type classes will reach universities for awhile. Plus any degrees related to that would go out of fashion fast as the industry evolves so quickly.

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