SEM training overload, who will survive?

Lee Odden asks a great question over at LinkedIn: Answers. “Can market demand support the growing number of SEM conferences?” Add to that the growing number of sem training programs and one really does have to wonder if the pie is big enough to support this sem training overload or will some of these conferences and training programs wither on the vine?

Head on over here to add your thoughts to the variety of responses he’s already received or go here to take his poll and add you two cents worth.

Can market demand support the growing number of SEM conferences?
With established conference programs like SES and DMA expanding and adding niche SEM related events/workshops as well as the growing number of new conferences such as SMX, Search Insider Summit and regional SEM events, I wonder if they can all succeed?

Not only are new niche events and workshops popping up, but general marketing conferences are adding more and more search marketing sessions and tracks as well. Can they all coexist or is will there soon be SEM education market saturation?

Besides offering your opinion here, we’re running a poll on this at Online Marketing Blog:

I personally think they all can exist in some form or another but have to be more focused or niche to do so. SEM training programs have to provide a general overview but should get into more detail in certain areas. Perhaps they can focus more on technical issues for the geeky types or on social media optimization for those with that interest. How about an sem training program that just focuses on mobile search or one on global search?

SMX seems to be taking the vertical approach and offering conferences that meet those needs with SMX Local and Mobile and SMX Social Media. Just like the search marketing industry, sem conferences and training programs must adapt or die.

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